Here you will find a summary of my past experiences and accomplishments.

What we’ve done in our past shapes who we are tomorrow. Here is my story.

Vice President of Equipment Services for Yellow/YRC Freight from August 2021 to February 2022 at the Overland Park Headquarters (remote).
Was responsible for the oversight of all equipment and maintenance-related activities nationwide at Yellow. This included 70 Shop locations with over 900 mechanics, 10,000 tractors, and 30,000 trailers across one national and three regional Less than Truckload operating companies.. Worked on the steering committee for the One Yellow initiative to bring the regional and national carriers into one network, ensuring plans were in place for equipment compatibility and integration of processes across multiple operating companies. Coordinated with all departments within Yellow to run a RFP for the evaluation and selection of a new maintenance management software to replace current computer systems.

Director of Equipment Services for Yellow/YRC Freight from November 2019 to July 2021 at the Overland Park Headquarters (remote).
Oversaw all maintenance activities for the Southeastern quarter of the U.S. for YRC Freight and Holland Regional facilities with both company shop- and vendor-maintained locations. Drove utilization of corporate safety initiatives that emphasized safety through employee engagement, with a Garage Recordable Injury Rate that trended 32% lower than previous year end. Ensured the Operations group had safe, reliable equipment available to move freight throughout the network while managing cost. Worked with Labor Relations and local management to set up agreements for Union company mechanics to work on equipment across operating companies to reduce expense and reliance on outside vendors. Developed internal processes to provide tracking of those repairs for financial and regulatory reporting compliance.

Director of Equipment Processes and Reliability for YRC Freight from March 2018 to October 2019 at the Overland Park Headquarters.
Responsible for oversight of all outside vendor maintenance on company equipment at End of Line terminals nationwide. Oversee specifications of all new equipment purchases for YRC Freight. Identify process improvement opportunities for service and maintenance, then develop and implement improvements. Work with internal departments and third parties to provide technical support for new technologies being implemented in the fleet. Oversee the national parts and tires purchasing and programs, which includes identifying opportunities to reduce carrying inventory and overhead costs while ensuring uninterrupted parts availability. Work with suppliers to negotiate best pricing and purchase incentive programs to reduce costs. Oversee field based trainers that developed training materials and content to provide hands-on and web-based training to all YRC Freight mechanics. Advise other departments within YRC Freight in regards to maintenance operations on large-scale projects.

Manager of Equipment Processes and Reliability for YRC Freight from May 2015 to February 2018 at the Overland Park Headquarters.
Oversee the specifications of new equipment, as well as work with manufacturers to develop repair procedures and handle warranty and recall issues. Responsible for the procurement of parts and tires with a multi-million dollar budget across a nationwide network of terminals and shop locations. Identify process improvement and cost containment opportunities  that will contribute savings to EBITDA. Equipment Services lead person on new technology, working with our Safety and IT groups as well as field locations to install, pilot, test, and implement new technology in the network such as collision mitigation technology, Lytx Drivecam and Electronic Logging Devices.

Equipment Services Coordinator for YRC Freight from May 2013 to April 2015 at the Overland Park Headquarters.
Responsible for developing training programs and resources for a nationwide network of more than 900 technicians at 28 fleet maintenance facilities.  Oversee the training and development of 2 regional trainers, providing the initial training, materials, and schedule to conduct technician training at all fleet maintenance facilities.   Requires the ability be an effective communicator, teaching a wide range of skills to technicians of varying proficiency levels.  Work with Original Equipment Manufacturers to develop processes and procedures for executing recalls, modifications, and improvements.  Research, write, and publish service documents that are distributed to all maintenance facilities nationwide. Develop training materials and service documents.  Develop reports and analyze data to identify and track opportunities for product and process improvement.   Perform audits on maintenance facilities for compliance with processes and procedures relating to safety, administration, and Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration compliance.

Equipment Service Center Supervisor for YRC Freight from December 2008 to April 2013 at the Kansas City, Missouri maintenance facility.
This was demanding, fast paced job that required the ability to constantly multi-task.  The main tasks of this job were to oversee the daily operations of a maintenance facility with over 60 technicians, prioritizing and assigning work to ensure that the operational needs of the company were met by providing safe, reliable equipment in a timely manner.  This position required the foresight to plan in scheduled maintenance while allowing enough flexibility to quickly repair equipment down for unscheduled maintenance. I oversaw the facilities tire program, maintaining an accurate inventory while working to control costs. Additional duties included training all mechanics and supervisors in all company and regulatory trading requirements, creating and maintaining an Access database for accurately tracking vehicle breakdowns, and managing a proactive engine replacement program for the facility.

Operations Officer and Executive Officer in the U.S. Army from March 2007 to December 2008 at Ft. Sill, OK and Camp Taji, Iraq.
I served as the Operations Officer and Executive Officer for the 15th Transportation Company.  Duties included managing all personnel, vehicles, and equipment for the Unit, allocating assets to fulfill mission requirements, and tracking the location of all personnel, vehicles, and equipment.  I was also responsible for maintaining accountability of over 700 pieces of equipment that are classified as sensitive in nature.  Additional duties included Unit Movement Officer, Supply Officer, Arms Room Officer, NBC Officer, and Unit Postal Officer.  As the Unit Movement Officer, planned and coordinated to deploy 153 Soldiers and all related personal and organizational equipment to Iraq with no complications and zero loss of equipment.  I maintained and processed Intelligence Reports regarding Main Supply Routes to keep Unit convoys informed of threats and hazards throughout Iraq.  Managed the Company’s fleet of 61 vehicles and 153 Soldiers to fulfill Iraq Theater logistics requirements for over 20 missions a month.  Planned, coordinated, and executed a week long Situational Training Exercise for 153 Soldiers in preparation for a deployment to Iraq.  Planned and coordinated 3 Company level Field Training Exercises, including all logistical support for food, transportation, fuel, housing, and training of a Company of more than 140 Soldiers and 45 vehicles.  Planned and executed two Battalion level Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical training exercises that included a live gas chamber. Served as Unit Status Report Officer, tracking the units personnel and training readiness for deployment, and sending monthly reports to Department of the Army Headquarters.

Platoon Leader in the U.S. Army from May 2005 to February 2007 at Ft. Sill, OK and Logistics Base Seitz, Iraq
Platoon Leader for a Palletized Load System Platoon in the 15th Transportation Company.  Duties included managing all personnel and equipment assigned to the Platoon.  Additional duties included Supply Officer, Army Substance Abuse Program Officer, and Voting Assistance Officer.  Responsible for the health, welfare, training, and safety of 35 personnel in a combat environment.  Also accountable for 20 Palletized Load System trucks and all related equipment valued in excess of $8 million.  Commanded platoon convoys in Iraq totaling over 200,000 miles.  Responsibilities included mission planning, cargo delivery and security in support of the 3rd Infantry Division and 1st Cavalry Division.  Commanded 135 Soldiers for a period of 31 days while the Company Commander was on Temporary Duty.  Planned and executed 4 M16 and 1 M249 Machine Gun live fire ranges with zero incidents and no less than 97% success rate for each range.