I am the the Director of Equipment Processes and Training for YRC Freight, based out of the Field Resource Center in Overland Park, Kansas.  This is an exciting and challenging position that has me involved in a wide variety of projects.  First and foremost in everything we do is safety.  Working with the internal Safety department, we ensure all OSHA and EPA regulations are followed, and areas for improved safety practices are constantly reviewed.  My team is responsible the procurement of all parts and tires for the network. My team also oversees the maintenance at 192 locations nationwide, coordinating with and providing oversight and cost control for all work that is done by outside contractors and vendors. I provide technical assistance for equipment maintenance to a nationwide network of tractor and trailer shops,  I am also responsible for the training the equipment supervisors and managers on various aspects of the equipment and resources to aid them in their daily tasks.

I work with manufacturers to develop and implement product and process improvements and identify areas for product improvements and recalls.  I write service procedures specific to the equipment in our fleet to aid technicians in doing repairs quickly and correctly.  I provide the YRC Freight Equipment Services leadership team with assessments, audits, and feedback on the compliance of maintenance facilities to the companies policies and procedures.

I am also the Equipment Services lead person on new technology, working with our Safety and IT groups as well as field locations to install, pilot, test, and implement new technology in the network such as collision mitigation technology, Lytx Drivecam and Electronic Logging Devices.