Vice President of Network and Customer Service for Tiger Cool Express from March 20 to present.
Run the Network, Customer Service, Maintenance, and Accessorial groups within Tiger Cool Express with teams consisting of internal employees and contracted global employees. Plan the movement of 700 intermodal refrigerated containers across a national network, spanning 4 different railroads, to ensure the availability of equipment to meet customer demands. Learned Tableau in order to build reports and dashboards for my teams to improve efficiencies of decision making. Lead a customer service team to ensure all shipments are properly handled from origin to destination, and work with customers to resolve any issues that arise during transit, The Maintenance team is responsible for coordinating all scheduled and emergency repairs on company equipment across the nation to ensure that shipments are maintained at a strict temperature setting. Responsible for the life cycle of all equipment from acquisition to disposal, as well as negotiating maintenance contracts with outside providers at various locations across the country. Oversee the implementation of the network and maintenance with regards to standing up a company-owned intermodal ramp in Wallula, WA to better serve the Yakima Valley produce and hay farmers.